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Hotel Rooms Near The Sea

  Find Quality Hotel Rooms Near the Sea Near Galicia, Spain

If you are looking for fantastic hotel rooms near the sea in Galicia, Spain, then you’re come to the right place with us at Hotel Costa da Morte. Our hotel is located in Fisterra, which is an area filled with ancient legends. There are beaches and mountains surrounding our town, making this a beautiful place for a getaway.


Our hotel is an affordable place to get away, and it has a central location that guarantees that our guests have all they need while they’re here. We’re close to many tourist points including museums, ports, beaches, leisure areas, monuments and restaurants.


Our rooms overlook the sea, giving you the perfect view of the surrounding area. We have ample space for our guests including an outdoor terrace, living room and dining room. People come to our hotel from all over the world. We offer internal air conditioning, so you can feel comfortable inside no matter how hot it is outside. We also have high-quality Wi-Fi connections throughout the hotel.


On our website, you can see previews of our dining areas, hotel rooms and other amenities. It’s easy to book with us, too. You can contact us by telephone at 682-32-43-41 to learn more about our availability, or you can write us an email at You can reserve your hotel room directly online, and if you have a promotional code, enter it as well. We look forward to having you at our hotel as our special guest. If you have any additional questions about booking, have a large group to book or have other concerns, contact us right away. We’d be happy to take your call and to help you with your questions. Join us on your next vacation; You’ll be glad you decided to stay here.

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